Monday, February 22, 2016

Deprogramming and The One World

The concept of Love, One World, One Humanity has been hijacked by the "Powers that Be" and replaced with saccharine sweet manufactured group hug at the service of the New World Order's Borg. Even in the last Super Bowl we saw the elite doing their thing, trying to draw people in with their distorted dream.

Know that, in theory, there is nothing wrong with being one big loving world, just not their world. It is not the idea of One World that is the issue, its the kind of world that the Negative One Worlders have in mind.

This is often the case in all aspects of this game: originally positive concepts and ideas gets hijacked, co-opted and distorted. This then results in both the creation of NWO Machine Realities and in the throwing of out OUR baby with their bathwater.

Neutral laws of manifestation are replaced by the positive thinking new age thought police, hell bent on denying any form of darkness, issue or need for action.

Respect and consideration for others are transformed into the muzzle of political correctness and the condemnation of all that is oppositional or controversial as hate speech. We even have a newly minted Oppositional Defiant Disorder in the DSM manual to add a little psychiatric straight jacket to that process.

The desire for change and transformation towards a system where everyone benefits is transformed into the call for "socialist egalitarian" agendas a la Russell Brand or in OTPOR influenced Occupy Movements, backed by groups that none of us should trust.

Caring for the animals and the well-being of the planet is used to promote the meme of humans as Earth-Virus, along with climate/green based fascism, however subtly presented under the guise of a progressive and friendly ecology.

Oneness of being is replaced with Cultural Marxism and the collective homogeneity of programmed thought and the societal plan for an overreaching one world government.

Even love becomes a four letter word, when used as a tool to maneuver the gullible.

One of the forms of damage that results from this co-opting is the death of the original ideas that were derailed and the dissipation of the original energy that created them.

Many of these ideas do contain the seeds of the change that we are seeking. In fact what feels good and right about those ideas, and that has so much energy and potential for traction, is exactly what makes those ideas a good tool for manipulation in the hands of the controllers. They use the authentic energy generated by an idea or movement and they then exploit it to lead people down a more treacherous garden path.

The elite and its social engineers are masters of derailing. Like pied pipers, they take what is good and lead it, and all who merrily follow, into a ditch.

It is, therefore, important that we hold on to the original thrust of ideas and that we do not throw out the original babies with the co-opted bathwater. It is important that we do not throw the collective visions we have for our world in the trash. There is room for visions of oneness and even of one world, if it stems from an organically grown dream. 

Our Oneness, for example, is NOT the same Oneness of the Machine.  

Our Oneness is not about structures, but about shared frequency, unity of consciousness and intent. It is about "equilibrium within chaos" rather than "order out of chaos". There is a difference. We are not aiming for order (rigid un-moving, bound and controlled), but for balance within movement, where what is creative and unique about each of us dances together with fluidity. We are unique but not selfish, individual but not separated; collective, but not Hive Mind, and we are, and always intend to be, above all else, FREE.

Within this context, the goals that we have for each other, for our world, for our political systems, and for our own and our planet's well-being are worthy and valid. We just need to be awake and in our power and not allow for our deepest feelings for what is right and needed to be manipulated and directed towards cheap knock off imitations, delivering nothing but Machine Realities and Machine Worlds.

In many ways this is a test of our awareness and resolve as collective human family. Can we see through the charade? Can we distinguish glitter from gold? And if we can, do we have the commitment and the chops to see our gold to fruition?

If we do, we need to move a step higher in the game. Just having nice thoughts about what we want and being upset about what we don’t want, is not enough. Just putting our ideas, our visions and our thrust for change out there for the Machine World to exploit and to derail, is not sufficient. We have to get our hands dirty in the kitchen and oversee every step of the process. This is not a cake that can be left to bake on its own, as there are too many devious cooks hell bent on spoiling the broth. Our vigilance is required, as well as our determination.

This is also a time in which the price is too high for any of us to indulge in any form of naiveté. Everything needs to be put under scrutiny; all has to pass through the lens of discernment. Every leader, every ideology, every movement, every system - and even every possible co-opting agent in our own movement of truth, of which there are many. Only so the kernels of truth will seed a reality that actually reaches its intended destination, untainted.

And it is so that I invite you to hold energetic space for the dissolving of all false concepts and false paths ~ And for the dissolving of all programming, all glamour and all illusion. ~ May it all crumble and wither, as harmoniously as possible, as is for the highest good of all. ~ And may we find the insights, the strength, the vision and the tools for moving forward in creating the highest version of our manifest future. ~ And to create our own, independently crafted, and FREE one world.

Onward and Upwards

Much love